Residential Solar Energy

Residential Solar Energy

Solar is Protection Against Rising Energy Costs

Utility prices keep rising. Power rates for residential customers in the U.S. have risen nearly 60 percent since 2000. Utility rates will continue their upward trajectory as the cost of fuel for power plants rises. Also, the billions of dollars it will cost to clean up the coal ash problem will be passed on to all of us.

One of the advantages of solar energy is that you can protect yourself against rising electricity costs. Switching to solar energy helps you have a dependable financial forecast and better manage your utility expenses.

Solar May Increase The Value of Your Property

Homes with solar energy systems have higher property values than non-solar homes, according to a recent study from the Lawrence Berkeley Research Laboratory. From the same study, there is evidence that they also sell faster than non-solar ones. As more homebuyers become more interested in the benefits of solar, demand for properties with solar panels will, likely, continue to grow.

Homeowners looking to make improvements to their home may find switching to solar energy is a great choice. While you are living in your house, you enjoy lower electricity bills. When you decide to sell your home, you are expected to enjoy an increased property value that will be a fantastic return on investment by switching to solar energy.

Solar Energy is a Great Return on Investment (ROI)

Instead of looking at solar energy as an expense, think about it as an investment. Homeowners who add solar energy systems can see an impressive return on investment through their electricity bill savings. The average American homeowner with a solar panel system can start seeing a return on investment in as little as 6-8 years.

Solar panel systems offer greater and greater returns the longer you have them. Most importantly, these are tax-free returns since they're savings, not income. The advantage of solar energy is that even when you decide to sell your house, you still are expected to see a return on investment thanks to the increase of your property's value due to the solar panel installation.

Off-the-Grid Homes

The power of solar energy can reach even the most remote locations with the aid of batteries. When there’s an area with no access to power cables, solar can be an excellent solution. Since running power lines through these remote locations could be costly and difficult, solar energy can be a viable solution.

Energy Independence

By increasing our capacity to generate clean energy from the sun, we also can claim independence from price fluctuations in global energy markets. One of the most significant benefits of solar is declaring freedom from the utility company. "Stop renting your power, and start owning your power."